Working In Sentien

New Employee Orientation

Sentien will arrange managers and other staffs to do the orientation for new members. New members will have some insight into Sentien’s business concept and better understanding on characteristic of products, quality control system, occupational safety system, CSR(Corporate social reslponsibility) and assigned duty for each division through the orientation.

Regular Performance Review

Sentien has a complete job description system which combine with annual objectives. Performance review are held every six months, it is a trilateral evaluation(1. Self- evaluation 2. Managers evaluate staff members 3. Staff members evaluate managers) through our system which makes it fair and reliable. To reach the goal setting by staff members, meeting between staff member and manager will be held to ensure the setting objectives achievable.

Regular proposal improvement

Proposal improvement is part of Sentien’s corporate culture. Sentien will offer a generous bonus for the winner through a selecting committee; Sentien anticipates staff members from each division can do the brainstorming and provide innovative ideas to optimize the work they are dealing with.

Clear Career Path

Sentien has a complete organization structure which can provide various promotion to our staff members based on their personal performance review or other outstanding performances. We believe that putting right person in the right position will maximize the work efficiency and create a win-win situation.

Learning In Sentien

To make staff members and Sentien grow together, we evaluate competency gap for all staff members through regular performance review and provide either internal or external training.

Diversified training courses

Training policy and Commitment

Training Policy

Sentien is devoted to becoming a global leader in decorative films field and is convinced that through continuous learning and training, strengthen the professional knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees will enhance the competitiveness of individuals, departments even organizations, and constantly improve product quality, technique and innovative R&D capabilities.

Meanwhile, Sentien will also value our personnel as precious assets of the company to achieve the business concept of sustainable management, in order to keep pace with the world.


  • Keep updating and optimizing our employee training system
  • Offer sufficient resources and training facilities to our staff members
  • Understand the needs of all employees and provide adaptive training for their career development

Complete education and training system

Certificated training courses by the government

Living In Sentien

Sentien devoted to give a superior working place to our employees, we have clean and brightened working environment with cafeteria and nursery room in the plant.

Working environment

Cafeteria and allowance for lunch

Members In Sentien