In Mold Decoration Film

Consumer electronic products, appliances, automotive Interior components

Iml Labels

Put the label into the mold and molding. It is suitable for PP and AS material.

Interior and exterior of automobiles and motorbikes, smart appliances

Heat Transfer Film

Housewares, stationeries, cosmetics, appliances and janitorial supplies

In Mold Decoration, Why Choose Us

In Mold Decoration Film Manufacturer and Supplier in Taiwan

Sentien Printing Factory is reliable and the best choice for you due to

(1) Owning plants with consistent production process
(2) Members are capable to fulfill customers’ demand


About SENTIENColor Your Future

Sentien has devoted time and effort on the field of spray- free technique and in mold decoration for many years, we will hold the spirit of customer first and design collaboration to develop our products continuously. As a global in mold decoration film suppliers , Sentien strives for assisting customers in achieving their ideas of design and reducing the pollution simultaneously.

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