5 Common In-Mold Decoration Examples

In-Mold Decoration is one of the new technologies for plastic surface decorating. It combines surface resistance and robustness with individual and attractive designs in a single process. Its environment-friendly process is also the best alternative to electroplating, painting or printing. The In-Mold Decoration Process includes a plastic film with a printed pattern or graphic into the mold for injection. It has been employed by many industries in a wide range of applications. In-Mold Decoration is used widely, examples including dashboards, touch controllers, door trims and handles, audio panels, mobile phones, laptop shells, desktop computers, in-wall switches, handheld game consoles, computer mouses, sweeping robots, air purifiers, air conditioners, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and much, much more!

Automotive Parts

The In-Mold Decoration Technology is commonly used in automotive parts, such as dashboards, touch controllers, backlit door trims, illuminated door trims and handles, welcome pedals, and car audio panels. Many automotive parts have used Film Insert Molding to increase products’ appearances. The new surface decoration technology makes the automotive interior designs look exceptionally finished.
In-Mold Decoration Examples - Automotive parts

Consumer Electronics

The aesthetic looks on electronics can be just as beautiful! Finishing touches can be as thin as hair, providing both function and design. It is very easy and efficient using In-Mold Release(IMR) to decorate consumer electronics. Common products with this new plastic surface decoration include mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, in-wall switches, handheld game consoles, computer mouses and tablets.
In-Mold Decoration Examples - Consumer Electronics

Home Appliances

In-Mold Decoration gives unrestricted choices of surface finishing. It can be high gloss, black piano finish, metalization or even have a wood-look. The mix of look and feel make home appliances look avant garde. Some examples are sweeping robots, air purifiers, air conditioners, electric kettle bases, smart doorknobs, remote controls, washing machines, electric cookers.
In-Mold Decoration Examples - Home Appliances

Medical Industry

In-Mold Decoration is also used in the medical industry’s manufacturing processes. Among the key advantages of the plastic surface decoration process to medical devices are its ability to meet the image of high quality and functional design. Examples are blood pressure monitors and blood glucose monitors.
In-Mold Decoration Examples - Medical Industry

Sports Equipment

As noted above in the automotive and electronic parts industries, the method of In-Mold Decorating is used to enhance the panel of sports equipment, making these products more eye-catching and efficient to produce. Some examples are treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals.
In-Mold Decoration Design Trends

In-Mold Decoration Design Trends

In-Mold Decorating is used to add decorative or branding touches to plastic devices or components. Any type of plastic injection molding parts can benefit from its advantage of One-Step Production and Decoration & Visual and Haptic Effects. There is no secret that many plastic products use labeling. Product labels and decoration play an important role in the success of those products. In-Mold Decoration Design is more important than ever. Here is a list of design trends and guidelines for In-Mold Decoration.

  • Antibacterial

  • Partial matte

  • Swirling glaze

  • Silky touch, soft touch

  • Anti-fingerprint

  • Haptic effects

  • Radiolucent

  • Grating effect

  • Anti-glare surface

  • Holographic waves

  • Electric circuit

  • Touch screen panel

In-Mold Decoration Film Supplier

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