Compensation and Welfare system

Sentien offers competitive salary, performance bonus as well as fully welfares to recruit more talents.

Salary/Bonus policy

Sentien encourages staff members by providing competitive salary and various bonus (year-end-bonus, profit sharing plan and so on)

Other bonuses/allowances

Holiday bonus, cash gift for birthday, marriage & death allowances and so on

Policy of Leave

Comply with Labor Standard Law, staff members are able to take a leave and get a work-life balance.

Policy of Insurance

Sentien adds all staff members to Health Insurance and Labor Insurance coverage under the law.

Policy of retirement

Sentien founds Supervisory Committee of Employees’ pension for employees who are in old system of labor insurance. For employees who are not in old system of labor insurance, Sentien will add them into the new system of labor insurance under the law.

Complete training and education system

Sentien has a complete training and education system.

Learning In Sentien

Allowance for sport activities

Sentien provides allowance for staff members who.

Committee of Employees’ Welfare

Sentien has a committee of employees’ welfare which led by current employees, they are responsible for company trip, year-end banquet, being contracted with designated shops and so on.

Other welfares

Cafeteria for employees, Health care management, annual health examination.