Global (IML,IMR,IMF) in mold decoration film suppliers

Leading in Mould Decoration Film Supplier

Sentien has committed to developing sophisticated printing technology on both film(for NB) and film for non NB products. Besides stabilizing the quality of our products and improving our competitiveness, we aim for raising market penetration rate to ensure Sentien is able to supply our IMR products to HP, DELL, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer steadily. Sentien has been researching into Film for non-NB products for several years, including Insert Molding film for automotive parts(interior parts) and Heat Transfer Film which are able to apply on metal and glass products. By developing these atypical films, Sentien has ability to expand our business scope and break into the different areas of industry, and have been the leading In Mold Decoration Film Suppliers in Taiwan.

ISO9001 certified production quality

Sentien is a high-tech company which adopts a fully automatic system to monitor and manage all the manufacturing processes in the plant. In addition, we have a consistent system from high precision coating processing, cylinder machining to the step of printing, these can ensure the quality of our products. We have passed several certifications such as ISO9001 and RBA as well. In order to respond to the era of high-tech and artificial- intelligence, Sentien keeps introducing variety of high-end coating machines, printing machines, installations for cylinder-machining and precision equipment for our innovation center.

Follow the environmental regulations

Our goal is to develop high quality as well as high value-added products and create a unique market positioning in printing industry. Due to society’s highly consideration on environmental issues, films manufactured by Sentien are spray-free products. Our products not only follow the environmental regulations but also provide diversified colors and designs of patterns to customers. Sentien provides a high wear-resistance and high weather resistant products with high fastness on acid and alkali by applying a special hard coating layer on the surface of our films.

Refined surface decoration

Our products meet the expectations within various industries and we are highly confident that our products will gain a foothold in the market of surface decoration. Sentien has listed in TPEx market since 2011 and will hold our business philosophy sustainably- diligent and being upright as always, profit sharing as well as sustainable operation. Also, we will keep investing in Taiwan and seek another peak for our corporation, and committed to becoming the world's number one Heat Transfer Flim, Iml Labels, Film Insert Molding, and In Mold Decoration Film Suppliers.