What you must know about gravure printing.

The origin of printing dates back to three thousand years ago, when people in the Mesopotamia will use roller seals to make decorations and witchcraft. The earliest current documents and the earliest engravings were in the early Tang Dynasty (A.D. 600 ).


After thousands of years of evolution, the most common printing methods at present can be divided into 4 types which are gravure printing, relief Printing, offset printing and screen printing. This article will introduce the gravure printing technology to you.


Gravure printing, as the name implies, is to print on the gravure printing plate. When printing, the ink is filled into the lower gravure area, the non-engraving area ink is scraped with a blade, and by using pressure wheel to print on the object. Gravure printing can present fine lines, bright colors, colors with deep and light shades, most of the securities are using gravure printing. It is now widely used in full-color magazine, paper packaging, plastic packaging, heat transfer film, In-mold label film, in-mold release film, insert molding films and so on.