Quick on The Uptake of Four-Color Printing


What is the meaning of four-color printing that often hear in printing factories? Four-color printing is a chromatographic mode in color printing. The colors of the original manuscript are presented by the overprinting of four-color inks. The four colors refer to C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), K (blacK). When we were little everyone has learned that the three primary colors are cyan, red, and yellow. After the three primary colors are blended, it is impossible to bring out the real black; therefore, the complementary black is added to strengthen the color gradation.

How can four-color printing be used in gravure printing? The manuscript will be color-separated before printing, and then the gravure copper corresponding to the four colors will be manufactured. After the color printing is performed through the C, M, Y, and K ink printing presses, the colorful patterns are printed. At present, most of the common cosmetic case designs, water bottle patterns, and stationery packaging on the market are decorated with heat transfer film made by gravure printing. The fine and colorful gravure printing is matched with the fast-processing speed of heat transfer film, which is very suitable for large quantities production.

Sentien Printing’s printing equipment is a 10-color gravure printing machine. In addition to the four-color technique, three spot colors can be added. The color can be designed independently, and the pearlescent and metallic effects can also be used to increase the texture. Colorful printing is perfect to be used on HTF/IML/IMR and other films, if you would like to know more designs or details, please contact us!