Heat transfer

The transfer is a technology that uses high temperature and pressure to transfer an image onto a product.


Heat transfer foil can be applied to different product materials and shapes, and the rich color performance can enhance the added value of the product and attract consumers' attention. For example, such as stationery, cosmetics, tableware, toys, clothing... . In order to offer different product shapes and materials, in the market has derived different heat transfer equipment and adhesive coatings.


The complete heat transfer method requires three main objects:


1.Productions of transfer: currently materials include plastic, stainless steel, glass, wood, clothing, etc.


2. The transfer equipment suitable for product styling: the more common ones are flat transfer equipment, circular transfer equipment, metal & glass transfer equipment (heating device to maintain temperature), and equipment for transfer clothes.


3. Customized transfer foil: The color pattern of the final product is printed on the heat transfer foil.


The heat transfer foil is usually printed by screen or gravure (two printing methods will be introduced separately). Generally, the screen ink has high saturation, fine gravure printing and rich colors, Sentien printing is good at gravure printing.


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